Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I accidentally Dior-ed

Sooooo, I accidentally made a purchase from Dior today, total impulse buy and I just couldn't help myself!

I introduce to you the DiorSkin Nude BB cream.  Now I am not one for BB creams, but I was curious about this one and just so happens I am out of my every day tinted moisturizer and David Jones was right in front of me!  I thought why not be fancy and have a look at Dior.  Now it was only suppose to be just a look, then it was just a swatch,  then I tried it on, the sales assistant hailed all the compliments towards me and that was it, I was in loooveeee

My shade is 002, the second lightest  I think? There were three shades from what I could see at the counter.  The texture is so light and it just glides on, it's like my skin but better! It perfects my skin, evens it out and it is hydrating. Which for me is perfect because I do have dehydrated skin and in the winter it is usually a mess. Don't in terms of break outs, fortunately don't break out too often but  do get awfully dry and dehydrated skin, specially in Winter. So this time around I've made it my mission to really take care of my skin - drinking lots of water!! Basically just keeping my skincare to a minimal and even my make up and so far it's working out great!

This little gem does come with a not so pretty price tag of $70, its 30ml with 10 SPF, the packaging is lovely and it even comes with a pump which is perfect.  I'll keep you guys updated to see how it works out in the upcoming weeks, hopefully I still think it's amazing as I do now and not a regretful impulse buy! Hiii to my new followers. I did fall out the bandwagon for quite sometime!

extreme close up! and yes I did cut all my hair off!

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  1. This looks nice! Everyone has been raving out it online, I will have to check it out :)