Sunday, April 14, 2013


Do you ever get the urge, just to go out and see the world?  All I want to do is travel, go see anything and everything while I can.  I want to go everywhere and do everything. I'm so excited to be finally finishing off with Uni and then going hopefully going into some full time work, so I can earn as much as I can and buy a round the world ticket and leave for an indefinite amount of time. 

Because I don't know what I want to do with my life, I think I'd rather just do everything while I can and then one day come back to reality and figure out my future.   Originally I planned to do all of this, at the end of the year but my sister got engaged and will be married early next year which sort of put a mini dint in my plans, not that im not incredibility happy for her but at the same time I just want to leave.

Do any of you guys want to travel? Have you been overseas and where have you gone?


  1. I want to travel so badly. I have only been to Indonesia and New Zealand, but I am dying to go to America!

    1. Definitely can't talk about the States enough! I have fallen love with it haha

  2. I feel the same way.. the money you spend on travelling is the one you will never regret.
    I live in Argentina and I've been recently in the USA and I loved it so much!
    Last year I went to Sweden and the year before to Norway, Finland and England..
    I've also been to Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay..
    I'd definitely love to visit Australia and go again to the US !!