Monday, April 8, 2013

maybe I should go on a spending ban?

I'll be the first to admit, I love a good shop.  Maybe a little too much, I find myself purchasing items that I don't need and feel like I want but they never get used.  If I've had a bad day I'll go shopping to make myself feel better or I'll go shopping if I've worked really hard at something so I'll 'reward' myself or sometimes I'll just buy something for the hell of it and it's getting ridiculous. 

Lately, I've been taking advantage of those 'bad days' or 'me days' and my bank account is not appreciating it at all.  There's no point having soooo stuff that doesn't get worn or used and it's wasteful.  So I've decided to put myself on a 30 day spending ban (April 8th-May 8th).  I'm only doing a month because I am a shopping addict and giving myself a little at a time.  If it goes well then I'll bring it up to another 30 days.

The rules:

1. No purchasing of any beauty items, no clothes or accessories, I have more than enough, including online shopping of any sort. 

2. Only purchasing essentials, cotton pads, tooth paste, tampons and petrol etc if i run out.

3. No getting my hair blow waved as a way of 'rewarding' myself

4. Only eating out once a fortnight, this inclues breakfasts and lunches (with the exception of allowed to be treated to breakfasts/lunch/dinner)

5. Bring food to work and not purchase any on breaks.

I think that's it for the rules so far.  30 days may not seem like a lot but for me as sad as it sounds it's a big step.  I'm doing this so I can use up all the make up I already have (which is alooott) and that I can use the clothes that I already own and maybe create some new outfits and learn to appreciate the value of money again and save save save as well as pay off that pesky credit card!.    

I have confidence in myself, I can make the 30 days and hopefully extend it out. Plus my birthday is coming up soon so I think I'll be okay but maybe I'm allowed to get one blow wave just so I have nice hair for my birthday right? haha 

Have anyone else done a spending ban?  How did you go, any tips?


  1. Good luck! I have been on a ban since the beginning of year - only allowed purchasing was prabal gurung for target usa.

    Surprisingly I am still going strong!

    I have largely stayed away from the stores & found other things to do. And de cluttering & seeing how much I have & haven't used helps too.

    I have been selling excess on eBay.

    On the other hand I am heading to the us in June, so I have a reward at the end & would rather spend there than here.

    1. It's great to know that you've been doing this for months and its still going, thats awesome. You can't not shop when you're in the States! You'll have an amazing time and a great way to reward yourself haha.

      Thanks for the tips :)

  2. Good luck :) maybe I need to do this too! I have too much stuff!

    1. Thank you, so far so good but i did just find the cutest pair of boots! Must hold out haha

    2. Omg I want new boots for winter, damnit!

  3. good luck! I need a shopping ban as well..

    1. Thank you! So far it's going good but then again it's only day 2

  4. Good luck!! I have been on an 'un-official' spending ban for a while as I simply have too many clothes, shoes and beauty products...but then being pregnant, I eventually had to go out and buy some clothes that would fit me!

    I used to work in a very industrial area, and could buy nothing but greasy junk food for lunch, so it was so easy for me to always bring my lunch to work, as I simly didnt like the food options available!