Monday, April 22, 2013

All the wants & Spending Ban update #1

Quick update!
So it's the second week of my spending ban and I gotta say I'm doing pretty well, but to be honest I dont think my impulse purchases of cosmetics was my real problem, weeeellll not entirely! I've discovered the real root of where my money goes and thats supermarket shopping! You see I can't help myself and go off the track and the next thing you know I have 3 magazines a bunch of juices and a bunch of other crap that I don't need! (side note; I live with my parents well half of the time (not gonna get into that) so yes I technically do still live with my parents but I do my own grocery shopping).  Anywaysss not important the point is, I just want to spend money not always on cosmetics and clothes its magazines and food that are bringing me down! So I have to be more disciplined when it comes to supermarkets. But everything else, I've been doing really well! I had my birthday last Wednesday and I got a bunch of great stuff and a Mecca voucher so that'll keep me going!

Onto the wants...

01. Fujifilm: For my birthday I received a Polaroid camera (well a fuji instant mini camera but you know what i mean!), I loveee it, so much fun but film is so expensive may have to jump into eBay and grab some in bulk... maybe after the ban is over.. 

02. Would love an oversized scarf, preferably in black and white.  I haven't found one yet that I love but I'm on the look out

03. A leather jacket, I have never owned one and I think it's about time I did. If anyone could recommend a place to buy a nice one that would be great and not at a crazy ridiculous price is always a bonus!

04. Frends headphones, love them or hate them, I definitely love them and I dont know why! I broke my head phones and could do with a decent pair. They would be awesome for those long flights and travelling and just to wear in general, really like them.  Maybe one day when I'm not so poor.

05. These bad boys, oh my they are amaze! I got my make up done at Mecca for my birthday (complimentary) and she used this lipgloss! The colour was so vibrate, it looked like a lipstick and it stayed put. I ate Thai food and everything and I'm telling you it did not budge! I loved it, I bought one in the colour Carina, with my voucher, it matched my outfit perfectly.  I love it so much I need more and they're at a reasonable price so they don't break my savings.

What have you guys been wanting?


  1. That leather jacket is gorgeous x

  2. Hey cool, I really liked that jacket. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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