Tuesday, March 19, 2013

no motivation

Absolutely no motivation, it's finally my day off after working 6 days, yes may not seem like a whole lot but when juggling uni as well it's pretty sucky.

I have uni assignments due and because of work I've had to submit one in late. Today I just have no motivation, none, zero, zilch! Today is my free day, planned to smash out some study and start on my next assignments so I don't have any more  late submissions but I just can not be bothered! I just want to be in bed all day.  Which is silly since it's actually nice day in Melbourne today, and it is my last semester at Uni so I want to make the most of what I can and do well. Just no motivation!

What do you do to get motivated? Any tips would be great!


  1. I am so unmotivated lately too. If you figure out how to get motivated let me know haha, because I don't have any tips at all :(

    1. haha i'll definitely let you know! I think it's just that time of year, now coming up with easter and all just hectic and the first uni assignments are due