Friday, May 4, 2012

To start of the weekend, I compiled a mini list of wants, most of things I may never get but I can always dream.

(from l to r)
Chantecaille Just Skin, this is a tinted moisturiser  that I've heard great things about but at the price tag of $94AUD I think I'l get it a miss.

YSL Glossy Stain, basically a lip tint but again I have heard great things about this little gems and the packaging is gorgeous but at $50AUD a pop from Myers is a little pricey.

Real Technique Core Collection Brushes, sadly they are not available in Australia so you would have to purchases them online.

Black floppy hat, these are everywhere but I never really thought of buying one until now.

Ikea Expedit storing units. My bedroom at the moment is a terrible mess! Not because of all the clothes of the floor but I just have things everywhere, it makes everything cluttered so this would just be ideal


  1. I've been lusting over big, glamorous floppy hats of late too. Possibly because I think they'd go so wonderfully with all the oversized knits there are kickng around in Melbourne at the moment. Olga De Polga have some lovely ones. Oh and the Ikea storage unit is such a cute, practical idea (surprise, surprise - it's Ikea!) So much dusting required though!

    Such A Beautiful Sight

    1. oh really? I'll check them out! Lately I've really been wanting one, I may have a look after work today!