Monday, May 7, 2012

Mini mac haul

Ok so a little more than a 'mini haul' but i had some Myer gift cards I got for my birthday and wanted to use up so I spent a little time at the Mac counter, I'm glad they were gift cards too because the aus retail price for Mac cosmetics is ridiculous!

From the top
Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black, I have used this before it's sort of like a liquid eyeliner but in the form of a pen, which i think makes applying eyeliner so much easier. I really do enjoy this product

Two eyeshadows in the colour of 'All that Glitters' and 'Satin Taupe'.  Surprisingly enough these are my first Mac eyeshadows so I'm looking forward to trying them out.

Sheen supreme lipglass in Fuji pink, this is a gorgeous pinky pearly sheen colour, goes on so nicely!

Last but not least I got a Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Bare Again, a really pretty natural pinky beige and it glides so nicely

Then theres my sister's cat Molly, who I'm housesitting for the week, she's a cheeky little kitten. So thats my mini Mac haul, I must admit I don't have much of a collection of Mac but if anyone has any favourite products they want to recommend please do!

P.s yes i know my nails in these photos are horrific, so please excuse them! haha


  1. Ooooh ahhh! So many goodies! Nice work taking advantage of the gift cards. I'm totally with you there on not wanting to part with the crazy amount on cash it takes to buy MAC here in Aus. When I was in New York, I made the most of it and arrived with a massive shopping list!

    The All That Glitters eyeshadow is so pretty. Plus I think Satin Taupe has been so highly and widely recommended you can't really go wrong there!

    Oh and if you ever have another giftcard up your sleeve I definitely suggest picking up a Paint Pot. I have one in Bare Study which I use every day either as a base or a stand alone sheer colour. Plus it's a cream to powder formulation so it's really easy to apply (I just use my finger) and it stays all day.

    Molly's adorable by the way. I think you should steal her ;)

    1. As soon as I left Myers I was thinking I should have brought a paint pot! oh awesome, Bare Study will definitely be on my list for when I'm in the States. I do hate paying such high prices here (although not that it has stopped me haha woops) So when I'm overseas I think I'll go a little crazy with cosmetic purchases

      Molly is gorgeous! We actually found her underneath the house but because we already have 2 other cats, we decided to give her to my sister.

  2. Haha! What are the chances! Yeah, you're definitely better off adding it to the list for purchases in the states. It's even a little cheaper than Aus in the UK.

    Oh and that's so lovely that you're taking Molly in. I'm sure she's over the moon.

  3. I just stumbled accross your blog and am loving it! Haha, we have quite a bit in common...we both live in melb, both love makeup and both have a cat! Count me as a happy new follower and pretty please stop by my blog if u have the time xoxo Genevieve

  4. oh god, sorry, just realized that was your sister's cat! haha

    1. Hi ya! So sorry for the lateness, definitely have been blog lazy lately but I've checked out your blog its great! And love your youtube videos too
      In that photo is my sisters cat but i do have 2 of my own :)