Monday, April 9, 2012

Lush Haul

I think I may be becoming obsessed, yes maybe a tad late on the bandwagon but I now I can't go past a Lush store without going in!

Since I have been using Angels on Bare Skin, which was the first Lush product I have ever used - it's an  exfoliator and a cleanser ; it leaves my skin feeling so soft, that I just had to try more products. 
Mrs Whippy Ballistic 
Mrs Whippy Ballistic was another product which I have fallen in love with -  again left my skin feeling amazingly soft and the smell, so so good!

So today not being able to control myself I went on a little Lush binge; stocked up on more Mrs Whippy because I found out that they were discontinuing this product  and also picked up the Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon; a bubble bar which is in the shape of a macaroon (well sort of) you're suppose to take one half of it and crumble it under running water. I've heard great things about this product and of course it just smells incredible
Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon

Finally, a face mask Love Lettuce;  it's an exfoliating face mask,intended for normal to oily skin types, leaving the skin smooth, soft and with a radiant glow! The smell is I guess more of a mild cooling smell, differently not overpowering.

I also was given a sample of the hair shampoo of Curly Wurly; made from coconut and vanilla, this product is suppose to tame, de tangle and put life back into dry lifeless curls. I really hope this product lives up to the description because my curls are in desperate need of life again!

Can't wait to try out all these products, I'm sure it'll be instant love.  Any Lush products that you guys love?


  1. such a great post!
    i love lush! :) they have amazing products and the scent is always
    so sweet and lovely.
    the ms. whippy one sounds interesting. i should give it a try :)
    i love also the dragon's egg, rocketeer and Phoenix Rising. :)
    really nice blog in btw!


  2. Thanks for the recommendations, will definitely give them a try! Mrs Whippy is a must! xx

  3. i just tried out the same coloured 'bubleroon' the other day. I agree, it smells amazing x