Wednesday, March 7, 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte Perle Lipstick :111 Mysterious Red

I finally got my hands on this baby! Well not that it was hard to find or anything but I had been putting off buying it due to the price tags of $55 in Mecca, and again I am suppose to be saving for that trip to the US. But I had been working over time and extra shifts, juggling uni as well I thought I deserved something nice and just couldn't resist!

I have already one YSL lipstick from the Rouge Volupte range in the colour #13; Peach Passion , I got it as a present and unfortunately it's not a colour I would usually wear, which is a shame.

The texture of these lipsticks are creamy, they just glide on with such ease, has a gorgeous glossy finish and not the mention that watermelon scent is so so good! So I was pretty happy to discover all the same elements were in the Rouge Volupte Perle range.
                                              (Sorry about the photo booth quality photos my camera batteries have died)

I do love this lipstick and extremely glad that I got it, this range comes in 6 different colours, listed below. They are pricey from about $55 each, you can grab them from any Myers or David Jones YSL counters or Mecca, but I think they are worth every penny!

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