Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lazy Thursday

I'm excited to finally have a day of doing absolutely nothing. I'm still in bed and its 1:17 in the afternoon! I started back at uni yesterday - it felt good being back and cutting down to two subjects I think was definitely a good decision for myself.

As much as I want to I won't stay in bed all day with my toast crumbs and cold English Breakfast tea, I will actually leave the comfort of bed and be productive... I'll just do it later.

I can finally post about the Meadham Kirchoff nail wraps by Nail Rock. Unfortunately for me, they didn't suit :( I think my nails are too short and the cartoon heads were half chopped off and I really couldn't get them to set right without creases. I'm sure if I had longer nails they would look fanstastic. As much as I wanted to love them, they really just weren't for me


  1. omg I love those designs :)
    they are soooo cute!

    1. Yes they are so cute! I think they'd look really great if i had the longer nails