Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Joy Cupcakes

I was early for work yesterday so before I started my dreaded eight hours, I decided check out the new cupcake stall in the food court nearby in Southbank. It wasn't one of the Little Cupcake franchises so I was definitely intruged by Joy Cupcakes.

I became disappointed as I couldn't find a Red Velvet cupcake, little did I know I was staring directly at them, I was soon told that their Red Velvet cupcakes were actually vegan! So of course they didn't have that deep red colour but more brown and the icing was made out of tofu  instead of that delicious cream cheese frosting. 

Don't be put off just yet! I myself was skeptical, surely nothing could be as good as a typical Red Velvet. But it was incredible! So delicious, if I wasn't told, I would not have thought I was eating a vegan cupcake.  It was so fluffy and that icing was so light and tasted so great!

Not all Joy Cupcakes are vegan, but they do have ones which are gluten free and nut free as well. They have a wide selection of cupcakes, with selected days which they are available on. Would definitely go back and try some more.

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