Saturday, March 10, 2012

Harvest Box

I just signed up- for a Harvest Box.  They're very much like those beauty boxes going around (Glossy Box, Lust Have It, Bella Box etc) but instead of beauty products it's healthy snacks!

It has has four different compartments and comes with a selection of different nuts, dried fruits, seeds, crackers and other treats, plus they come in recyclable box! They are delivered to your workplace(or house) once a week or twice, up to you! on which ever day you please and you are able to cancel anytime. 

Once you've received your Harvest box, log onto the website and rate the mixture, your next delivery will contain a completely different mix and before you know it, you'll have an array of all your favourites

 I thought it was a really cute and great idea, as I'm always peckish and tend to snack on anything I can get my hands on and that's not always a good thing! This way at least I'm snacking on something healthy and  I figured it couldn't hurt for $7.95 why not give it a try.

My first box will be delivered on Thursday and the next on Monday so I'll post when I received them

If you would like to try Harvest Box you can grab your first box free when using this code: 40911cfwcm3

Has anyone else tried Harvest Box, or even one of the beauty boxes like the Lust Have It or Glossy Box?  I have also wanted to try one but can never pick which one


  1. very cool!! I have been meaning to try the beauty boxes but this looks even better and it's making you beautiful from the inside out!

  2. Love this idea! Nuts are so good for snacking on.