Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's here again; Soundwave festival. It's a music festival which has been happening in Australia for quite some time now, bringing down several international acts down under, along with Australian artists as well and I think it's always just a fun day. The festival has already kicked off in Brisbane and Sydney and Friday it's Melbourne's turn.  

I of course have already planned my outfit for the day and hoping the weather holds up. My all time favourite corduroy circle skirt from American Apparel and keeping up with the american apparel theme a loose crop top tee.  I do feel a bit silly being completely decked out in American Apparel but their clothes are made to be worn together (that is a complete lie I really have no idea haha)

 Black Corduroy Skirt
Loose Crop tee in Black Cherry

But I really do love how these two go together, it's always been my 'go to' outfit when I'm going out and don't know what to wear, just switch the black cherry loose crop tee to silky loose crop top and it's always a winner.

Now I've got the outfit sorted it's time to look at what bands I want to see

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