Friday, February 10, 2012

Countdown begins!

Picking up extra shifts at work and adding on another job, cutting down my Uni hours all for a month in the US but I finally have booked my flights!. Im officially poor, and more than likely ill be saving like crazy for the next few months but it'll be worth it! I've been excited bout doing this for ages and now I'm finally putting my plans into action. I'll be leaving in late June and coming back to melbourne late July just in time for second semester.
I'll be heading off to LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Vegas and of course New York City. Completely excited now that it's official, it doesn't seem real since it is still so far away but it gives me something to look forward to.

I've only ever traveled to Asian countries. Japan is my absolute favourite I've ben there twice and plan on going back to visit family and friends and continue on sight seeing where i left off last - there is just so much to see. But heading to the US is something I wanted to do, if anyone out there who is actually reading this has ever been to the US or maybe even lives there I'd love to hear from you and grab some advice on places to see and things to do other than the typical touristy things.

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