Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Past week

These past few days, more online purchasing coming through whoops but I couldnt help myself when browsing on etsy and come across this beautiful knot ring. For $14 I just couldn't resist, so when it arrived I was absolutely stoked, I haven't taken it off since.

I've also been housesitting for two gorgeous kittens and a puppy and I was so sad to leave them, they become my children over the past four days.  Also saw La Dispute on the weekend (not pictured) which was so amazing, I wish I went again on the Monday night as well but work came first. 
Then last night was finally Death Cab For Cutie time! I have been waiting since I was 13 to see these guys play and it was nothing short of incredible playing my favourite songs Marching Bands of Manhattan and Title and Registration. I was definitely one happy lady.
Now being a Wednesday night, I've just come home from my best friends house - it's her 21st birthday today she is one of the very best people I know, she has her party on Saturday and I have nothing to wear (of course!)

So between work and everything else I haven't had enough time for my mr blog but I am getting there. Oh and my Nail Wraps arrived, sadly as much as I did love them when I saw them online they just aren't for me - I wish they were. I'll pop up some photos but I had to take them off as they looked very silly with most of the cartoon pictures being cut off  and I  won't deny I wasn't the best at putting them on - they make it look so easy! Or maybe I'm just completely clueless

Anyways happy hump day, I'm off to bed and hopefully tomorrow I can find a dress to wear to this 21st on Saturday eep!

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