Monday, February 27, 2012

Breaking my Lush virginity

This ridiculous excuse of a summer Melbourne has been having lately has left my skin feeling so sad; freezing to boiling hot, sunny to thunderstorms my poor skin just cannot keep up! So after work today and with my well earned cash I decided to take a little adventure into one of the many Lush stores in CBD.

I've never purchased any Lush products before but have heard nothing but good things so I figured it couldn't hurt to try them out.  After explaining to the lovely sales assistant my skin woes she recommended to be 'Angels on Bare Skin'. It's a gentle cleanser/ exfoliator made from roses, lavender, grounded almonds, chamomile oils and other goodness and is gentle enough that I could use every day but most likely won't.   

I'm looking forward to trying this product out, hopefully it'll put she much needed moisturizer back into my skin.  What other Lush products would you recommend  or have you tried Angels on Bare Skin? What are your thoughts?

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